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Is This Beneficial?

Sunday, July 06, 2014

At some level, we all wrestle with decision-points and competing values. Is it good or bad? Right or wrong? Healthy, or not so much? It's fine to be informed by outside frames of reference, but sometimes, this is where the confusion begins! And sometimes, the more we seek moral answers on the outside, the more confused we become. Black-and-white questions tend to work from the outer to the inner, creating a haze, and then to solve the angst, we make laws. We make laws for ourselves, we make laws for others, and it's rarely pretty. I don't believe legalism is the best guide for successful living, but grace is! Grace doesn't ask questions impossible to answer. Grace makes a simple inquiry of the voice deep on the inside, and the question is, "Is this beneficial for all concerned?" Whether we submit to it or not, there will always be a wise answer, and it will always cause our spirit to expand or contract towards the step before us. "Is this beneficial for all concerned?" I love that question! It’s so gracefully guiding. Remember, there's a deeper voice that's loving and encouraging. Listen!

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