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Lessons from a Coconut

Sunday, August 17, 2014

People have to earn our respect, right? Personally, I don’t buy that chant. If I do, it will stunt my growth. I think of respect as a trait that I have to develop towards others, no matter what they bring. I think of it as an aspect of growing in my capacity to love. It’s not about how they treat me; it’s about how I treat them. I think of respect as an outlook that seeks what is special in people, regardless of the package they come in. It treats every individual as a dignitary bearing a priceless lesson for our hearts to grow. Respect sounds so serious, but it’s really a childlike, magical way of seeing every person. Sure, some come wrapped prettier than others, but don’t be deceived! An ugly, hard coconut contains some very sweet stuff if we seek it with expectant curiosity. It’s always amazing what can be found deep within another if we search them with the right heart. 

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