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The personality behind this site is author, speaker, counselor, and photographer, Thomas Waterhouse.

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About Thomas Waterhouse

Thomas is a counselor in Tampa Bay, Florida with thirty years of professional practice in applied psychology, clinical psychotherapy, and mental health counseling. His journey is colorful, beginning with the honors program at Syracuse University studying physiological and research psychology. He went on to graduate studies in Humanistic Psychology at West Georgia College, focusing on Human Growth & Potential. Thomas transcended formal academia with several years of doctoral-level work in traditional Clinical Psychology at the Fielding Institute. 

Needless to say, Thomas’ educational journey provides a rich “experience base” that lends depth and excitement to his writing, speaking, and encouragement of  groups small and large. One can say in the simplest of terms that Thomas is a creative writer, inspiring speaker, and a seasoned counselor.

Thomas is the Principal of Simple E Creations, Incorporated, home of the Simple Encouragement® brand and the Simple Encouragement® Movement. His creative team is developing a product-line of Simply Encouraging™ Stuff including a series of Simple Encouragement® Books and other exciting products to extend “The Movement” to its farthest reaches. Simply stated, Simple E Creations, Inc. and Simple Encouragement® exist for the purpose of speaking life to potential, bringing healing to pain, and shining light into dark places. 

Thomas’ calling, mission, and brand is Simple Encouragement®, a worldview founded on the core belief that “Hearts filled with courage can rise to any challenge”. With a unique blend of science, art, and spirituality, Thomas brings creativity and dynamism to the process of encouraging others. In fact, the Simple Encouragement® Movement defines encouragement as a “mystically practical worldview” that touches souls and changes lives through simple sharing, observations, and humor. 

Editorial comments about Thomas’s writings and teachings are that they are “practical”, “easy to understand”, “down-to-earth”, and “just plain fun”. His most prized accolade from a valued clinical professor is, “Tom listens; and he hears too”. A comment on his “Facebook Page” is honoring, and it says that  “Tom’s gentle words and kind manner are so soothing. I love to read his writing!” 

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