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Simple Encouragement® brings you Simply Encouraging® Expressions that stimulate and encourage your highest calling. Be real. Be encouraged!

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Simple Encouragement Book Series

The Simple Encouragement Movement

Take a few deep breaths and really consider the following questions.

Now tell me. Did you say ‘No” to any of these questions? Of course not! Who with a heart would not want one or all of these roles? Who with a heart would not want to speak life to potential, bring healing to pain, or shine a light into the darkness? What I’m talking about is encouragement, Simple Encouragement! In fact, Simple Encouragement is so powerful that it deserves to be a movement, and now you’re involved! Welcome and congratulations! Read on.

Encouragement is so misunderstood and ill-defined that it’s a rare commodity in the world today. Yet, we all desperately need it! Most think of encouragement as “inspiring”, “cheering up”, or possibly “praising”, and it is, but its really far more than all of these things put together. Simple Encouragement is a hidden power full of life, healing, and light! The dream is that The Simple Encouragement® Movement can begin to release this incredible energy and bring us all together in a profound way. You see, more than a word to be defined, encouragement is a concept to be understood. And more than a concept to be understood, encouragement is a worldview to be embraced and lived out to its fullest expression.  

As a worldview, encouragement is an attitude of loving engagement. Encouragement seeks to know and to be known. Encouragement is intimacy! Encouragement requires that we “see” others with our “transcendent glasses” on, and what does this loving engagement reveal? When we meet others in the spirit of loving engagement we are likely to see a hidden potential that the other can barely see, a buried hurt begging for expression, or a pocket of darkness begging for release. An attitude of loving engagement can release hidden potential, heal buried hurt, and bring light to darkness in a way that frees souls. This is the heart of Simple Encouragement!

Encouragement is putting “heart” into the “heart” of others. By “heart”, I mean “courage”, and by “heart”, I mean “soul”. Simple Encouragement is putting “courage” into the soul of another by speaking life to potential, healing to pain, and light to darkness. Simple Encouragement will always animate something in another that reveals a gift, heals a hurt, or breaks a bonding fear. It’s just that simple, and it’s not difficult to do. 

We encourage others when we simply share an experience, make a heartfelt observation, or have fun with a joke. Your journey is richly riddled with experiences and examples of how you have faced the tough stuff of your own life, and that makes you a potential expert at simply encouraging others! Here are three stories that I think you’ll enjoy, and in reading them I think you will begin to experience the heart of Simple Encouragement®.