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Disorganized Religion?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Are you aware of what we call the “faith factor” in physical, emotional and relational health? Exercised faith seems to positively support them all. This is why I routinely ask clients, “Do you have any particular faith that you practice?” They typically get befuddled, and ask, “Do you mean religion?” I say, “Not necessarily, but if that’s what you mean…”. The next statement I hear has become predictable, and it’s this. “I don’t believe in ‘organized religion’”. My response has also become predictable, and I say, “So you prefer your religion to be disorganized?” After the surprised smiles and laughter, the real conversation begins. The Bible actually says that pure and faultless religion is to look after orphans and widows in their distress. You can read that as, “Anyone in need”. Imagine that! “Religion” is defined as expressing love and charity towards distressed people. And whether you practice love and charity in an organized or disorganized way, it will definitely be a better day for a needful someone. So, back to my question. Do you have any particular faith that you practice? Does it inform your life? I hope you will give that some very deep thought. Remember, at least to some degree, your physical, emotional and relational health relies on the answer. In the meantime, practicing some “pure and faultless religion," whether it’s organized or disorganized just might be a great idea!

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